I would give them more than 5 stars if I could.

In by ferociousmedia

“I lost power in my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. I searched for electritians in my area, but none really caught my eye. Then I googled best electritians in Suffolk County and TFC Electric came up with 5 stars and great reviews and now I see why. The electrician that came by, on time in an hour notice, was very knowledgeable and informative. I really enjoyed that the company didnt deep pocket me. I dont know anything about electricity and brakers and showed that. Instead of taking advantage of my lack of knowledge he explained all in detail and was honest that the main braker was in good condition. I am so glad I found them and went with this company. I would strongly recommend that if you are looking for an electrician look no forward, for this is the company to choose. Please let me add, the technician was friendly and helpful. I work many hrs and on my 2 days off I visit the diabetic, renal failure husband in the nursing center (stroke) and my house is not as clean as it should be, but he was very professional and went right to work to figure out the electrical problem. I am happy with them and will use them with all my electrical needs and problems. Such a great company that is reasonable in price. I would give them more then 5 stars if I could.”