The work was above professional.

In by ferociousmedia

“We previously used TFC Electric to install an upgraded electric panel with a hookup to our generator. From connection on the pole to the generator outside the garage, the work was above professional! So we called them for some interior and exterior lighting. Wow — they suggested that for a similar price, the exterior floods could also be security cameras and connect into our Ring doorbell system. (They also knew Google, Lutron, etc.) The installation of two (one high on a garage) was amazing — and they connected the light/cameras (through wifi extender they suggested) into our cloud-based system, tuned perfectly! Then the front door grotty lights were replaced with superb fixtures — with Hue lights to match our interior system — at Christmas our front door glows green! And they fixed my botched job of a new fixture at the side door and a broken exterior ground fault outlet box. The interior chandelier was initially hung too high for our tastes, but professionally. They insisted on coming back and putting it where we wanted. Innovation — while hooking up the garage floodlight, they noted no lights in the garage “attic”, but for a small bit more they would install fixtures and a switch — what a difference! What are you doing still reading this review — call them! Angie’s List sometimes yields treasures — this discovery is one!”