They are very respectable and professional, and courteous.

In by ferociousmedia

“They were here yesterday. They were great. I was very very happy with them. I got my certificate a year ago but they honored it yesterday. It was $308 and that was with my $100 off of it, so it was $408. I was very happy with it. I am actually thinking of calling them back because the ceiling fan they did in my bedroom could have been a little higher because it has 2 poles on it down rods actually. Looking at it he could have used a shorter one. I don’t know I might just leave it the way it is. I am not exactly sure what I am going to do about it. They were actually there earlier. They were really good about that. I would use them again.  

They are very respectable and professional, and courteous. When the first time the man came in my house he put something on his shoes so he wouldn’t get my floors wet. One thing tho that I will say is that the girl said there is a $69 fee like a service call fee. I was a little take back about that at first because it wasn’t in the price. But when the gentlemen came he explained that that fee would actually be used to conduct a survey on my house to see if my electrical was up to par. I think that they should include that when you call. If I wouldn’t have had my voucher I would have been turned off.”