We truly thank you.

In by ferociousmedia

“We were recently faced with a major electrical issue – caused by PSEG. Due to a neutral wire breaking away on the pole end, 220v were sent through all my 120v outlets, causing major damage to electronics and appliances in home. Appliances and TVs were smoking, resulting in the Fire Department being called.
Fire department called PSEG to come out and repair their issue, however ordered PSEG to then cut power to house, due to the major issues this issue had caused on my electronics, appliances and circuits.
We were left without power at 1am and were told to call an emergency electrician. Google result brought up TFC Electric and I made the call. Tommy answered asked the situation and informed me they would be right over. Wow! I normally cant get an electrician to show up when they say they will and it was scheduled a week prior. These guys showed up at my house ready to work when everyone would be sleeping. They got our power up and running very quickly.
Unfortunately, most of my appliances and TVs were burnt out and require replacing.
I have already thrown out prior Electricians cards and plan to use TFC Electric for any future needs, as the service provided, mind you between 2am-8am, was better than service I have ever received during “normal” business hours.
Tommy and crew – we truly thank you for all your help!”