Why You Need to Rewire Your Antique Home

Have you always dreamed of owning a restored, antique home? We don’t blame you. With the charming architectural design and decor older, antique houses tend to have, calling one your home definitely has its appeal.

However, before you get comfortable in your antique home, it’s vital to have your electrical work inspected, and more importantly, have your home rewired. Here’s why.

Old Electrical Systems Can’t Handle Today’s Power Needs

Back when these homes were built, potentially decades or centuries ago, people didn’t use nearly a fraction of the electricity they do today — they simply didn’t have the need. Nowadays, you have large appliances, entertainment devices, device chargers, and more, all of which require a lot of power.

Older electrical systems weren’t designed to meet these power needs, so you’ll likely experience frequent circuit breaks, shortages, and power outages. We doubt you want to deal with that.

Old Electrical Systems are Inefficient

Since the older electrical wiring in antique homes will constantly have to work harder to meet your power needs, it’ll put a greater strain on your home and run up your energy bills in the process.

New wiring and electrical panels are better designed to meet your needs and work efficiently, so you can have lower electricity bills each month.

Old Electrical Systems are a Fire Hazard

The older electrical wiring is, the more likely is it for the wires and fuses to be worn down, frayed, or otherwise damaged. This creates a greater risk for electrical fires to start in your antique home and puts you and your family in danger.

When you rewire your home, you reduce the risk of fires and other safety hazards, since your needs electrical system will be in better condition.

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January 9, 2019