How to Light up Your Lawn with Lights

We have all seen beautiful lawns highlighted with strategically placed lights and secretly longed for the same effect. Every season seems to bring new angles in spotlights, creating an ever-changing landscape. Here are some ways to brighten your lawn’s shadowed areas, and ideas on lights to place your lawn in the best light.

Create Natural Highlights

Collaborate with a licensed electrician to create custom designed lights spotlighting a pathway, a gorgeous garden, or landscaped shrubs serving as fences. Whether you are designing a custom home or incorporating new concepts into your existing dwelling, an electrician can coordinate electrical features and lighting systems with architects and designers.

TFC Electric regularly meets with all parties to create the perfect design to complement your landscaping. With a wide variety of fixtures, we can design the yard of your dreams.

Spotlight the Latest Backyard Trends

The popular trend toward extending living and kitchen areas to transform patios shows no signs of abating. A critical aspect of an outdoor kitchen is the illumination necessary to safely cook for family or crowds in the evening. Extending the family room outdoors is accomplished with the right electrical outlets and lights to enhance the outdoor room.

Our licensed electrical experts can facilitate this process and help you design the outdoor kitchen you have always wanted. If water features such as swimming pools or waterfalls are in your plans, we have the lights needed to highlight those amenities.

Combine Safety with Beauty

Proper use and spacing of outdoor lights is a highly effective way to discourage unwanted visitors. An intruder naturally prefers to dark, dimly lit yards that hide their presence. Faced with lights strategically placed to highly shadows and cast light into dark areas, your potential intruder will likely slip away for easier hiding grounds.

TFC Electric has indoor and outdoor lighting for better security. From motion detectors to back up lights, we provide safety solutions to protect your family.

The Importance of Electrical Inspections When Purchasing a New Home

Electrical inspections are simple and are essential to consider when purchasing a home. We send out a trained, licensed professionals who will first look at your wiring to make sure it is up to code. Then we will be doing testing on outlets to make sure that your voltage is correct and has no spikes, which can cause a fire. The next step is to test certain items under load, these are frequently breakers and or fuses. We will be using ohmmeters, voltage meters, and even fuse testers to get a comprehensive look at the overall wiring structure of your home. We will then write out a complete listing of our findings and what may need to be fixed.

Why Should I Get One?

We believe that the most important item on the list when either buying or even selling a house is to get a quality electrical home inspection. This is to prevent fires, which can cost loss of life and into the thousands of dollars of damage. Not only can a person have a fire, a bad outlet can even give a person a shock, so having this all checked is a must. In some states it is a requirement when you are selling a home to have an inspection done as well and if one has not been done we would highly suggest having one done before you buy and this way you are saving yourself money on the home by knowing what needs to be fixed and maybe even your life or a loved one.

How Should I Prepare?

The best way for us to help you is if you are buying the home contact your realtor or the seller if available to set up an appointment time. The realtor and/or seller will know where the main power box is located to let us know where that is. If you are selling your home, follow the same steps, but we will be contacting you as the seller if you wish unless you desire for us to work with your realtor that may be helping you sell your home. If you are in the Suffolk County area and wish to work with TFC Electric to provide our services please call us at 631-589-2800.

Why Does my Home Need a Generator?

A generator is designed to aid us owners with quick electrical supply. As portable devices, they create energy from mechanical energy and serve as machines that either use batteries, or fuel to operate. Some generators can come equipped with both features. Energy generators demonstrate their ability to resolve emergencies such as power outages incredibly. They have become common sources of power and are possessed by many home and business owners.

Power Outages

Power shortages are the primary reason for using generators. But they’re also useful in situations where there are no power setups. In the US alone, more than 3000 power failures occur each year affecting at least 41 million people. These power outages are estimated to last about 3 hours. That is 3 hours without refrigeration, air conditioning, Wi FI services and other necessary functions.

Home/Travel Generator

A home generator is a good investment for a long-term use, especially, if we in live rural towns or places where power shortage is common. For those of us who like to travel and have occasional outings in exotic locations, carrying a portable generator can tremendously improve our adventurous experiences.

Security Systems

Another important aspect of generators is their security insurance. When our houses are equipped with security systems, we need to make sure those systems remain intact and fully functional even during a power outage. Such systems critically require power to serve the purpose they’re intended for. Since many homeowners have replaced traditional ways of accessing emergency numbers such as 911, they’re completely reliant on security systems to report emergencies. This can become very problematic when the battery dies or malfunctions. A generation keeps the system running until the battery power is restored.

TFC Electric is the best solution to accommodate your needs in any unforeseen event of power failure. Located in Suffolk County, we provide full commercial and residential electrician services in its vicinity. We take pride in our ability to serve our customers to their fullest satisfaction. To book your appointment, call now: 631-589-2800.

Lighting Up Your Home For Memorial Day

Summertime is approaching, and people are gearing up for the holidays that will allow them to show their patriotic pride. Memorial Day is the first warm weather holiday, and lights will be glaring from homes in honor of what the day represents.

Use Lights as Decor

String lights on your patio or lawn lights in your front yard are a great place to start when lighting up your home for the summer! They provide aesthetic appeal and they are practical. They are a great to light up your outdoor spaces for summertime barbecues.

Don’t Overload

Plugging in extra lights to an already loaded outlet may wreak havoc on an electrical circuit. Overloading an electrical system will cause a power outage for the entire home. When this happens we are available to get your electricity up and operating again. Serving Suffolk County, and surrounding counties since 1994. We are a family owned and operated business.

Our Service

We offer a full service of electrical work, and our electricians use the most modern, state of the art equipment. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and our staff is prompt, efficient, courteous, and treat every customer with integrity. We install and repair all electrical products. Large jobs or small jobs, both receive the same professional service. There is no such thing as a minor electrical service. We handle all of our electrical work as though it was of major importance.

Call us, or visit us online, for all of your electrical services and repairs. Make this Memorial Day a great celebration as the lights get plugged in to shine brightly without any electrical mishaps, or worries.

Here’s Why Your Electric Should Never Be DIY

There are many do-it-yourself projects out there that can let you save money and significantly improve your home. By watching a quick online video you can learn how to paint a room or install a door, as an example. However, one home function shouldn’t be considered for a do-it-yourself project and should reside only in the hands of a professional; your electrical system.

Danger for Yourself and Your Home

Electrical systems flow through your home and provide electricity which, if improperly installed, can lead to fires and significant house damage. An individual can get shocked if the proper ground breakers aren’t installed and protected from electrical surges, which can result in significant injury or death. It is much better to use a professional electrician in your home and avoid the risk posed to your home and your family.

Voiding Your Insurance Policy

If you have a home insurance policy then your home is protected from damage relating to a number of different forms of damage. Read your home insurance policy for exceptions, but keep in mind that some things may void your policy, such as installing or adjusting your own electrical system. Hire a professional electrician to avoid significant financial loss if something were to happen to your home by voiding your home insurance policy.

Save Money with a Professional

Our lives have become dependent on electricity. The longer your electrical system is down the greater chance that you may lose the items in your fridge to spoilage, and may be without heating and cooling systems which can lead to frozen and burst pipes. For individuals who work from home, the loss of the internet may reduce your productivity and earnings. Hire a professional electrician and get yourself back online as quickly as possible to avoid financial loss from these items.

Keep it simple and call an electrician if you are having problems with your electrician system. Avoid the urge to research and fix the problem yourself. You can save money and time by hiring a professional electrician and protect yourself from injury and financial loss. Hire a professional electrician whenever you are having problems.

Cleaning Off Your Landscape Lights From Winter

Now that winter is over, it is time to begin spring cleaning inside and outside of the home. When it comes to cleaning fixtures on the outside, one thing to remember is to be careful with the electrical lighting that is used to enhance the landscape. Much thought and consideration were given to the placement of the lights when they were installed, and much more consideration needs to be given to them when it is time to clean them.

Trusted Electricians will Clean Lights with Care

Landscape lighting has seen the harshest of winters. Cold weather precipitation can wreak havoc on electrical wiring, and outside lighting fixtures. The wiring could be saturated with water, and this could mean danger for the average person. Before attempting to clean outside lighting from winter, first contact one of the qualified, professional electricians with us here at TFC Electric. We will come out and do a thorough inspection of all wiring, and other electronic components before cleaning the lights, then we will get the job done in an expedient manner. We will also replace any burned out bulbs, and any unsafe wires.

Providing Residential and Commercial Service

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Whether the job is for a business or a residential service, we offer the same courteous service that is designed to meet the specifications of the customer. At TFC Electric, we use all of the most modern technologies and state of the art equipment. We are a full service, family owned and operated electrical company. We have provided services in the Suffolk County and surrounding areas since 1994. For electrical emergencies, repairs, and installation give us a call. We will take care of all your electrical needs promptly and efficiently.

Baby Proofing Your Electrical Inside and Out

Two children playing with electricity on floor at home

The greatest addition to your life is a child. Naturally, you’ll want to protect your child from harm and one of the most dangerous areas in your child’s world is his home. The average family has about six electrical outlets per room. If you have a three bedroom home with a kitchen and living room, that equals 30 outlets. Each one that sits near the floor presents potential harm to a curious toddler.

Identify Your Home’s Hazards

The process of baby proofing your electrical inside and out begins with you identifying all the potential hazards that your home presents to your infant or toddler. They are just now learning about their world as well as learning to walk. You’ll need to protect your baby from innocently playing with wall outlets, surge protectors and you’ll need to dispose of tripping hazards such as long electrical cords stretching across the floor.

The Best Child Outlet Protectors

Select the best wall outlet protector for your child and if possible you the adult. To baby proof open outlets, use individual outlet caps, paired outlet caps, press-fit outlet plugs or safe-plate outlet covers.

  • Safe-plate Outlet Covers-cover the entire outlet and have a sliding access to the plug. Most children are not able to slide the cover over long enough to stick something into the opening.
  • Press-fit Outlet Plugs-these plugs have to be pressed to remove, which is an action the child would not be able to perform.
  • Outlet caps-single and paired simply insert into the outlet. They have an exterior solid cap preventing anything else from being inserted.

Prevent Your Child from Playing the Big Kid

Another hazard is the child attempting to use the outlet for plugging something up, which would normally be acceptable for an older child. To prevent your young child from attempting this action use Baby-safe electrical outlet covers, an adaptor and plug cover or a childproof power strip cover. All of these covers are not easily removed by adults, so your child should be safe.

Get Rid of Tripping Hazards

The last electrical hazard is the electrical cord. Long cords stretched across the floor can be a tripping hazard. There are two ways to reduce the danger posed by cords. Covering them with a duct cord cover will reduce the chance that a foot will be tangled in a cord. Another option is to simply shorten the cord with an electric cord shortener.

Don’t wait to see if your child will be safe from the dangers lurking in your home. Call TFC Electric today to get a full list of safety devices you can install today to keep your most precious gift safe.

The Top Ways to Prevent Home Electrical Emergencies

We understand electrical emergencies can happen no matter how prepared you are. With spring finally here and many yard tools starting to creep their ways out of their shed, we want to ensure that all families on Long Island are fully aware of all the ways they can prevent an electrical emergency.

To better prepare your home, here are just a few ways you can ensure your working safe and sound.

Electricity short circuit

Trust Your Electricians

One of the best ways to prevent an electrical mishap is by having your licensed electrician install or fix any wiring. Electricity is something you don’t want to be working on yourself and could be very dangerous if not installed correctly.

Mind Your Wires

Keep all power tools and wires away from water and at all times. Keep extension cables free from being stepped on and out of the way. Remember that extension cords are not a permanent use and should only be used in short periods of time at their recommended locations.

Inspect Before Use

Before using any outdoor equipment, be sure to check the wiring to make sure it’s not frayed or old. Always check your yard before mowing the lawn to make sure there’s no extension cords or wires laying on the grass. Be sure to keep all ladders away from overhead power lines and be careful when trimming trees as to not to get too close to the lines.

Check Around The House

When it comes to your indoor use, you should always, always, always, use protective cover plates and be sure that you have GFCI outlets in all bathrooms. One of the best ways to ensure you’re prepared when an emergency does happen is to always know where your electrical box is located. By getting familiar with the fuses and how to use them, you can prepare for the unexpected.


TFC Electric provides residential and commercial electrician services to homes and businesses across Suffolk County, Long Island. Contact us online to get started with a free estimate, or call (631) 589-2800.

Why Home Extension Cords Are Harming Your Electric

Not all extension cords are created equal. Though those sturdy cords may seem like a great way to get extra power, they may be harming your electric and causing you and your family danger. If you have extension cords in your home and can’t remember when they were officially plugged in, here is why you should be reading the below:

They’re A Fire Hazard

Hiding extension cords under rugs is a significant risk to your safety and your home. Though it may not cause any immediate danger, over time it could become a fire hazard. Being behind or under something can cause constant wear and tear on the cords causing them to break down and overheat.  There are other solutions to your lack of electrical availability, but using an extension cord in your home shouldn’t be one of them.

Not Meant For Long-Term Use

Significant appliances or one of the biggest extension cord nos. Appliances draw a lot of electricity and plugging them into anything but a wall socket could be dangerous. Extension cords are not meant to be plugged in for long periods of time, and when you attach them to energy-sucking appliances you could be putting yourself, in a real electrical pickle.

Consider Adding Sockets

If you’re using extension cords in your home, it’s most likely because you don’t have that many electrical outlets.  Believe it or not, a quick call to the electrician to help fix this problem and could be more affordable than you think. By adding more outlets, you can get the power that you need in multiple locations without the fire hazard and risk.

TFC Electric provides residential and commercial electrician services to homes and businesses across Suffolk County, Long Island. Contact us online to get started with a free estimate, or call (631) 589-2800.

Roof Leaks Can Make Your Electrical Buzz

When it comes to electric, there are many things in your house that you’re probably worried about, but there’s one big thing on top of your home that you probably never thought of, and that’s your roof.

You may know an old roof, especially one that’s continually leaking, could cause mold, water damage, and structural damage; but did you also know it could cause electrical damage too?

roof protection

Wet Light Fixtures

If you have a light fixture on your ceiling that looks like it’s been flooded with water, the first thing to do is not touch it. Water is a conductor of electricity so even the simple act of turning on the light switch you could lead to a serious big shock. Once you see that water is leaking the next thing you want to do is be sure to shut off the electric panel.

Find The Source

To make your home safe and water free, the next thing you should do is find where the water is coming from. If it’s coming from a pipe or just simply your roof, you’ll need to find a way to stop it and fix it ASAP. If it happens to be a busted pipe, you’ll want to shut off your water supply immediately and contact your local plumber and electrician.

Give Us a Call

Now that you found the source of the leak, and you’ve checked every fixture in your ceiling, you’ll want to be sure to reach out to an electrician. When it comes to water and electricity DIY Is not the way.  An electrician is better equipped to see if there will be any further damage and will identify what needs to be repaired in the safest way possible.

TFC Electric provides residential and commercial electrician services to homes and businesses across Suffolk County, Long Island. Contact us online to get started with a free estimate, or call (631) 589-2800.