5 Benefits of Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting suffolk county

Plants often take center stage in the world of landscaping, but exterior lighting can be just as important. A professionally installed landscape lighting system offers many benefits to homeowners, both aesthetic and functional:

1. Expanded living area. Landscape lighting can help expand the space of your outdoor living area, and allows you to enjoy it around-the-clock. With an illuminated deck or patio, the party doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down, and a well-lit lawn allows you to take advantage of your full yard.

2. Improved safety. Illuminated walkways help prevent slip and fall accidents; especially during the winter months, when the sun sets earlier and slippery surfaces are common.

3. Added security. A well-lit exterior makes your home less of a target for potential vandalism and burglary. Criminals cannot approach the home as easily, and there are less places to hide. This added level of security can even save you money on your homeowner’s insurance premium!

4. Enhanced curb appeal. With all of the functional advantages of landscape lighting, it can be easy to forget about the aesthetic benefits. A professionally-installed lighting system can highlight the intricacies of your landscape, making your home the talk of the neighborhood.

5. Increased resale value. The improved safety, security, and functionality that landscape lighting provides is sure to be noticed by potential buyers. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders ranks outdoor lighting as their most-desired outdoor feature.

Homeowners in Suffolk County, Long Island can trust the experts at TFC Electric with their landscape lighting needs. From design to installation, our team will guide you every step of the way as we turn the yard of your dreams into a reality. Contact us online to get started with a free estimate, or call (631) 589-2800.

March 21, 2017