Brighten Up Your Home!

Are certain areas of your home looking a little drab? Is the natural light in your home lacking? If you answered yes to either of these things, it might be time to brighten things up. Our expert electricians at TFC Electric are here to help!
The lighting in your home can make a statement. Having new or custom lighting fixtures installed can add warmth, style and character to any room. We can help you select the best lighting fixtures to brighten up each room of your house. Since our electricians are always on the cutting edge of technology, they can also help you select the most energy efficient lighting option for your particular home. From recessed lighting to surface mounted lighting, we’ve done it all.
At TFC Electric, we work and collaborate with architects and designers to create a lighting plan that fits your needs. We have a variety of different lighting fixtures including Wac, Halo, Bega, Lightolier, Lumark, Lithonia and many others. If you are located in Suffolk County and need an electrician for any custom lighting installation, give us a call at 631-589-2800.
September 23, 2014