Do I Need to Upgrade My Outlets?

Did you know that more than 70% of home fires are electrical fires? This is typically because homeowners don’t upgrade their electrical systems as the years roll on. At the very least, you should be replacing your outlets, since they are a common place for electrical fires to start. 

Must Know Things About Electrical Outlet Fires

The biggest issue with electrical fires is that you typically don’t discover there is one until it’s too late because fire and smoke will spread through your home inside the walls. 

An electrical fire cannot be put out by switching off the plugs — it requires a Class Current fire extinguisher. For your safety, you’re best off calling professional firefighters if your home catches fire from an electrical problem.

Signs that You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Outlets 

First off, if you upgrade your outlets, you need to get a professional’s help. An experienced electrical expert knows when to replace an old outlet with a new one as well as the type of wiring that was used to install the old electrical outlets and how to solve any electrical problem that may arise. Best of all, they’ll also have extensive knowledge on how to minimize the chances of an electrical outlet fire incidences in our homes.

The following are some of the indications that your house needs some electrical attention.

  • Loose sockets that can’t hold an electrical plug.
  • Black, brown, or discolored sockets or outlets.
  • Sparks coming from an outlet when you try to plug something in.
  • A burning smell or smoke.
  • Flickering lights or lights that stop working for no apparent reason.

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July 18, 2018