Electrical Problems You Need to Fix at Home Right Now

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When was the last time you really took the time to look around your house for any signs of electrical problems? Sure it becomes obvious that there’s something to fix if the power goes out or when a fuse is blown, but sometimes there are other, more subtle issues that require immediate attention too.

If any of the following is evident or experienced in your home, it’s time to contact an expert or make some changes right away:

AnĀ overlamping issue.
If your home is experiencing “overlamping,” it means that you have a light fixture (or two) supporting a bulb that is a higher wattage than it is meant to handle. Since this can cause something as serious as an electrical fire, you must make sure that all of your lamps are using the correct light bulbs.

Flickering lights.
No, your lights should not flicker even when it’s windy out. If they are, it means that there is frayed wiring in the weatherhead (which is the outdoor fitting where your cables from the power line enter your house) causing a short when they move as a result of the wind – this too can start a fire.

Lack of GFCIs.
GFCI outlets are so important, especially for safety! Although they are required by the National Electric Code today, if your home is older you may not have them installed, and that puts you, your home and your family at risk.

Loose outlets.
Ever notice that your plug is sticking out of your outlet a bit, not looking too secure? This could mean that your outlets are no longer able to grip the prongs of a plug, which could eventually result in a fire as well.

OverstockedĀ outlets.
Even though extension cords and power strips can make plugging things in easier, if you have a need for more outlets, it’s best to have them installed – especially since using undersize extension cords can result in a fire if you’re plugging in too much.

Do any of these problems seem familiar to you? For our readers in Suffolk County, we at TFC Electric Inc. can assist with all kinds of electrical work so that your home is a safe place to be. To learn about our electrical installation and repair services or to schedule an appointment with our electricians, please call (631) 589-2800 today!

September 1, 2016