Electrical Tips Every New Homeowner Should Know

Are you a new homeowner? If so, congratulations! Settling into a new home can be exciting and stressful all at once. Now that you are a homeowner, it is important for you to get acquainted with the different systems that make up your home. For instance, you should know a thing or two about your home’s electrical system. Keep reading to learn more. 
Indoor Electrical Tips: 
  • Extension cords are only meant for temporary use. Do not use an extension cord for long term use.
  • Never use a power cord that is tattered, frayed, worn or damaged. To be on the safe side, purchase a new one. 
  • Have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) installed in the kitchen, bathrooms and outdoor areas. 
  • It is a good idea to label the switches in your electrical panel. 
Outdoor Electrical Tips:
  • Never use a portable generator indoors–including the garage and basement. 
  • When your portable generator is in use, it should be located at least 20 feet away from your home.
  • Make sure that the extension cord you are utilizing outside is intended for outdoor use. 
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April 12, 2016