Getting Your Electric Inspected for The New Year

When it comes to your electrical system, you should have it inspected annually, and what better time to start than the New Year? So while your spirits are high and you’re in the mood for change, here are a few reasons to schedule your annual electrical inspection today!

Prevent Electrical Hazards

Many homeowners only have an electrical inspection done when they first purchase the house. One inspection of your electrical system is not enough. Over time, your electrical system can fall victim to electrical hazards, such as electrical fires and electrocutions. Having an annual electrical inspection can prevent these scenarios from happening.

Up To Electrical Code

We will test all components of your electrical system to make sure everything is in good working order. Best of all, the work we do is up to code. If any part of your system needs to be updated, we will let you know. We comply with NEC standards and work with inspectors to make sure that the job is done safely.

Electrical inspections serve as reassurance that all work was performed to code and is safe. Upon completion, we will provide a Certificate of Compliance accordingly. Call 631-589-2800 to schedule an appointment.


January 2, 2018