How To Brighten Up Your Home With Landscape Lighting

Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, a pool party, an outdoor dinner party, or just lounging outside on your own, there’s one thing we think we can all agree on – no one wants to be outdoors in total darkness! That’s where landscape lighting comes in.

Sure, you can install a light that goes off when people walk by or light a few tiki torches, but incorporating light into your yard’s landscape and design can be much more effective (not to mention, it’ll make your yard look awesome!).

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If it’s time for you to enhance the aesthetics of your home and brighten things up a bit, here are three ways that you can start:

  1. Walkway Lighting: And driveway lighting too. Lit walkways are the perfect touch if you’re looking to brighten your yard but not by too much (just keep your lights low to the ground!), and they certainly come in handy when it comes time for you and your guests to walk around.
  2. String lighting: You’d be amazed at how much a few strings of white lights can transform your yard! With this method of landscape lighting you can get pretty creative – either string your lights around your patio umbrella, around your fence, or maybe even around some windows that face your yard.
  3. Pool lighting: If you have a pool at home, why not show it off? Underwater lights are an excellent way to turn your pool into the focal point of your yard, and at the very least, they’ll alert you and visitors of your pool’s presence so that no one accidentally steps over the edge and falls in!

Not sure if you should install lighting in your yard? Think of it this way – not only can it be used for decor purposes, but it certainly also helps make your yard safer. In our eyes, that’s a win-win!

For those of you living in Suffolk County, contact the electricians here at TFC Electric Inc. if you’re interested in landscape lighting. Our team can help you take your yard to the next level by working with you to place lighting in all the right places.

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July 7, 2016