​How To Handle A Power Outage

Power outages–we’ve all there. You’re at home, minding your own business, when suddenly everything goes dark. No one plans to have an unexpected power outage. Nonetheless, you can be prepared for them. Below are some tips on how to handle a power outage.

It is important to find out why the power went out in the first place. If your neighbors have power, it is likely that is just your house. In this scenario, you should check for blown fuses and tripped circuits.

There are certain tools that can help you get through a power outage. It is a good idea to keep a battery operated radio on hand. That way, you can listen for updates about power outages near you. Another useful tool is a flashlight. This handy device can help you find your way in the dark.

Many homeowners on the island are starting to buy generators. They can be
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December 15, 2014