How To Prevent Electrical Hazards

At TFC Electric, we understand that electricity is a necessity in today’s modern lifestyle. Since people are so accustomed to electricity, they barely give it a second thought. However, people should take certain safety precautions when using their electrical system. Below are a few tips and tricks you should follow.

Check Cords and Wires
Inspect your cords and wires at least once a year. If you discover any frayed or damaged wires, do not utilize that electronic device. After all, it could result in a fire or electric shock.

Plug It In, Plug It In
Never yank a plug out of an outlet by the cord. Using this method could result in an electric shock. To exercise caution, gently remove the plug from the socket.

Do Not Overload Outlets
Have you ever had a plug in each outlet of a power strip? If so, this is referred to as overloading outlets. Overloading outlets can blow a fuse.

Incorporating these tips into your every day routine can help prevent electrical hazards. Are you looking to increase the safety of your electrical system? Turn to TFC Electric for all your electrical needs. Call 631-589-2800 today.

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June 5, 2015