How To React To A Downed Power Line

The weather sure can take a toll on our homes and our communities – it can knock down trees, it can cause flooding, and it can certainly knock down power lines. Considering the recent storm we experienced here on Long Island, we felt that there was no better time than now to discuss what you should do if you come across a power line that is either hanging on by a thread or that is already on the ground.

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Although it may sound obvious, we can’t stress enough how important it is to never touch a downed power line. While you may assume that there is no electricity running through it at this point, the fact of that matter is that the line could still be live – when touched, that means danger. In fact, you should even avoid driving over downed power lines too.

Now onto what you should do. If you see a downed power line in your Suffolk County community, it’s best to:

  1. Contact the power company and alert an emergency service such as 911 of the area that has been affected.
  2. Keep all children and pets away from the power line, and make neighbors aware of the situation so that they can do the same.
  3. Avoid touching nearby fences, trees, or even your home’s siding if you suspect that it has come into contact with the downed power line.

If you are in your car when a power line falls and it happens to hit your car, stay inside of it (unless of course there is an emergency such as a fire). Yes, we know it can be temping to want to get out, but the ground around your car could become energized as a result of coming into contact with a live wire. That said, call for help immediately and wait until either the fire department, police or other qualified professional lets you know it’s okay to exit.

In an event such as this, you’ll likely also need to contact an electrician to determine if any damage has been done to your electrical system as a result. For those of you in Huntington, Brookhaven, Smithtown, Islip, the Hamptons and other Suffolk County towns, let that electrician be us!

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July 27, 2016