Recessed vs. Track Lighting

Whether you’re building a brand new home from the ground up or remodeling a part of your existing home (such as your kitchen or bathroom), you’ll have to make a decision on the type of lighting you’d like to install. This may sound easy, but since there are a few different options for lighting, it may actually take a little longer than you expected to pick the kind that is right for you.

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To help you in the decision making process, today we’re breaking down the difference between recessed lighting and track lighting – take a look below.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, also known as “can lighting” is essentially installed right into the ceiling. In some cases recessed lights will extend underneath the ceiling’s surface, but usually it isn’t by much.

The benefits…

One thing that makes recessed lighting the ideal choice for many is that it’s extremely subtle since the lights are essentially placed right in your ceiling. That means, no low-hanging lamps to get in your way! Additionally, recessed lighting is also generally easier to install, making it a good choice for people who may not have a lot of time to get things up and running.

Track Lighting

Unlike recessed lights that go into the ceiling, track lights are installed on a – you guessed it – track that is placed on the ceiling. This track is connected to a junction box, which is how the lights get their power.

The benefits…

Unlike recessed lighting which may require some structural work to be done to the ceiling, track lighting does not – that’s because track lighting is installed right on the ceiling’s surface and you do not typically have to cut into anything (this may also make track lighting more cost effective). Furthermore, track lighting can be installed under most pre-existing conditions, again since there isn’t really any structural work to be done during the process.

Even when you know all the pros and cons of different lighting systems, we know it can still be tough to make a final decision. That’s where we come in to help! For homeowners in Suffolk County, we at TFC Electric Inc. are experienced in new construction and different types of lighting, so we can help you make an informed decision about which lighting option is best for you and your home.

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August 4, 2016