Must-Know Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

When most of us think about our home’s electricity and/or the need to have electrical work done, a lot of the time we focus on things that happen indoors. However, there’s a lot of electrical work and wiring that can be found outdoors too, and it’s important to be just as informed about outdoor electrical safety!

To help keep you safe both in and out of your home, today, we’re sharing some of our favorite outdoor electrical safety tips – check them out below.

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  1. Make sure that all outdoor electrical receptacles are GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters). These are extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, including how they help with personal safety – they can help prevent us from being shocked and potentially even electrocuted.
  2. If using extension chords to bring additional lighting outdoors, such as into your yard, make sure that they are not damaged before plugging anything in.
  3. For those homes with a pool in the yard, make sure that all electrical chords are kept at least five feet away from the water and never touch electrical equipment when in the pool or when wet.
  4. Locate your electric meter and make it a priority to keep the area around it clear. You should also encourage young children to avoid the area and not touch any of the equipment.
  5. Never touch a downed power line – it may still be live even if it is on the ground or damaged in some way.

Just like we would say for indoor electrical work, this is also a reminder that any outdoor electrical work should always be done by a professional.

For homeowners in Huntington, Brookhaven, The Hamptons, Islip, Fire Island, and the surrounding Suffolk County areas, contact an electrician at TFC Electric Inc. for all of your electrical needs! We are available to help with outdoor work such as landscape lighting and pool/hot tub connections (along with other general electrical repairs and installations).

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July 19, 2016