Outdoor Electrical Outlet Safety Tips You Need to Know

Picture this: you’re enjoying the day on Fire Island, listening to music with friends when your speaker suddenly dies. You could easily plug it in to charge, but realize there are no outdoor outlets, so there goes your vibe. Now is probably the time you consider adding a few to your yard.

Having outdoor electrical outlets can provide a lot of convenience, but you need to know how to use them properly to keep you and your home safe.

Outdoor Electrical Outlet Safety Tips You Need to Know

They Need to Be a Specific Kind of Outlet

According to the National Electric Code, you can only have ground fault circuit interrupter outlets installed outdoors. These outlets have special sensors that will cut the power if they detect even small changes in electric currents, making them safer than other types of outlets.

You Shouldn’t Install Outdoor Electrical Outlets Yourself

No electric work should be a DIY project, but especially not outdoor electric work. You should always hire a professional electrician who will know the proper outlet covers to use and the proper ground to ensure your outlets and home are protected.

The Outlets Need to Be Covered

While the flip cover can protect the outlet when you’re not using it, it can’t protect it when you are. National Electric Code now requires all outdoor outlets to have weatherproof covers that will protect the outlets when they’re being used in the rain.

Don’t Use Extension Cords in the Rain

While those weatherproof covers protect the outlet from the elements, they can’t do much for extension cords. All it takes is a single drop of rain to hit the spot an electronic device is plugged into an extension cord for the wire to short circuit or for someone to get electrocuted.

You Need to Check Existing Outlets

If there are already some outdoor electrical outlets on your home, make sure they are up to code and safe to use. If you aren’t sure how to tell, ask your trusted electrician.

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August 7, 2018