Scary Ways You Could Electrocute Yourself

A major scare factor in horror movies and haunted houses is someone electrocuting themselves. While you know that electrocution is fake in the movies, it can become a reality if you’re not careful at home.

There are plenty of scary ways you could electrocute yourself just by doing everyday things.

Pulling Out a Cord from An Outlet

When you unplug your hairdryer or lamp, what are you grabbing? If you’re grabbing the actual plug, good. If you’re grabbing the cord and pulling that from the socket, you could easily electrocute yourself.

Using Electronics Why Frayed Wires

The rubber coating on the outside of your electronic cords is there for a reason. If the rubber has broken or worn away in some spots and the wires are frayed, using that appliance could cause electrocution. Either get the cords fixed or toss the electronics altogether.

Touching Water While Handling Electronics

It may be tempting to grab at your phone to answer a call while you’re washing your hands, but you’re smart enough to know that water and electricity do not mix. Keep electronic devices and appliances away from water when you’re using them to avoid getting shocked.

Putting Metal in the Toaster

We’ve all experienced the dilemma when your bread is stuck in the toaster, but don’t use a metal fork or knife to try to get it out. That’s a sure fire way to electrocute yourself. Instead, unplug the appliance and use a heat-safe utensil to get your toast out.

Keeping the Power on During Repairs

Even though all electrical work should be done by a professional, if you’re doing some DIY projects around your house you can easily electrocute yourself if you leave the power on. Always unplug your appliances or electronics before making any repairs.


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October 10, 2018