The Electrical Myths You Need to Ignore

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A well-informed homeowner is an efficient one, and that is why we want to get some facts straight. There can be many misconceptions when it comes to electrical work but here are three myths that every homeowner needs to ignore.

Turning Off Your Devices Saves Energy

Though turning off your stuff is a way to use less energy it’s not entirely accurate. To save as much energy as possible — you’ll want to unplug. Many modern day appliances and electronics might seem like when you shut off your devices, you are shutting down their power, but many still are in standby mode consuming some unneeded energy. To be thoroughly energy efficient, you’ll want to power off and unplug any appliances you can when you leave.

Electricians Will Tear Apart Your Home

It’s often assumed that when any electrical work is needed, so is significant construction — this is not always true. Electrical work is not something you want to mess around with, and it’s something that you’re a best off leaving to the professionals. A licensed expert will work efficiently, cleanly and safely without causing any unnecessary damage. So if you are worried to call an expert for fear of significant repairs or an overcharge just remember it’s better to be safe than sorry.

All Extension Cords are the Same

Extension cords come in all types and voltages so be sure to look at what you are buying. You never want to use extension cords as a permanent source of power and if you are working outside make sure you have a weatherproof one. Your extension cord should also be able to handle the voltage you are looking to power, so check that too. So next time you go extension cord shopping, pay attention to what you are picking up.

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October 24, 2017