The LED Myths You Need to Ignore

LED lights are a significant investment that often gets overlooked and though it might seem like an expensive cost upfront, investing in LED lights now really pays off down the road. So if you are still in disbelief that LED lights are worth it, we are here to debunk some of the common myths you might be believing.

They Are Too Expensive

Though LED’s might have an initial higher price, through the years, the pricing has gone down making the difference minimal. Even though you might be paying an initial higher rate, in the long run, you’ll wind up saving more money than with other lighting options. LEDS have a better lifespan, are more energy efficient too.

They Aren’t Bright Enough

LEDs are bright enough to light up your entire home, but because they are labeled with different wattage, the opposite is assumed. LEDs are measured in lumens, and because they are more energy efficient, their wattage is lower than a traditional bulb, but we can assure you that the light they put out is just as bright.

They Last Forever

The difference between LEDs and other light bulbs is how their lifespan plays out. Unlike other bulbs, LEDs don’t gradually fade as fast and allows you to share the same brightness for years. Though they will eventually need replacing, you’ll get longer and better lighting from LEDs.

They Don’t Save You Money

Energy Efficient with a long lifespan, switching to LED bulbs can definitely save you money! They not only use less energy making your bill less but their lifespan is double some of their competitors, meaning by the time you have to change your LEDs you would have had to change your other lights at least twice.

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November 17, 2017