Three Simple Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Lighting

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You could probably name a lot of things that one can “never have enough of,” but one thing in particular that stands out to us is lighting – without it, we think it’s safe to say that life would be a lot more difficult. And considering that lighting is something a lot of people look for in a home, if you want to not only make things easier for yourself, but also make your home more appealing to others, it’s time to make sure your home is properly lit.

If you feel like your home could be doing a bit better in the lighting department, here are three easy ways to enhance what you’re working with:

  1. Have dimmers installed. Although we said you should have more lighting, it doesn’t always need to be bright – dimmers can work wonders when it comes to setting the mood. In fact, sometimes rooms that are equipped with dimmers look even better, as these kinds of lights can help cover up imperfections that you don’t want others to see.
  2. Make changes to your lampshades. Lampshades that don’t fit properly are a total no-no, but most people just keep the shade that a lamp comes with regardless of its size. The problem with this is that improperly fitting lampshades can have a negative effect on how the lighting in your home is perceived, so you want to make sure that the shades you’re using are allowing for maximum light exposure while still looking good.
  3. Swap out the bulbs. Chances are you don’t think about your light bulbs until one goes out, but the type of light bulbs you’re using play a big role in how well or poorly a home is lit. With that said, go through each room and take a look at the light bulbs you’re using – we bet you could make some changes that result in a big difference.

Of course you could also take on home improvement projects such as adding more landscape lighting or adding more outlets inside so that you have more places to plug in lamps, but major work like this certainly requires the help of a professional electrician.

For our readers in Suffolk County, New York, let that electrician be us! The TFC Electric Inc. team can help with everything from outdoor/landscape lighting to electrical service upgrades, electrical wiring and more, so know that you can always count on us to assist with your electrical needs.

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October 27, 2016