What to Know About Your Electrical Panel


Think of your electrical panel as the heart of your home’s electricity. Keep it healthy, and your home will flow power throughout but treat it poorly, and your electricity can suddenly just stop. The safest way to keep your electricity at its best is to have a sound knowledge of your electrical panel. So if you are unsure what that is or where to find it, here’s what you should know:

Where it’s Located

Before you can use it, you’ll need to know where it is. A main electrical panel can usually be found in the basement or utility room.  For maximum safety, always keep children away from it.  Now that you have found your electrical panel, you’ll also want to identify your main disconnect; this will shut off all the power to your house and is vital during emergencies.

What Each Circuit Does

Each circuit has its purpose, and as a homeowner, it’s useful to know what that is. If your previous homeowner didn’t have them labeled, you could always do a trial and error test. Turn each breaker or fuse off and then check to see which outlet no longer has power. Be sure to write down a list or label them as you go.

How to Reset

Knowing how to restore power is always a useful tool. If a breaker of fuses goes, it can easily be replaced, but you’ll want to be cautious while doing so. Electricity is not something to mess around with, and at times it’s best left up to the pros. So if you feel like your electrical panel issue is something that beyond a broken fuse, it’s best to be safe and call an expert.

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September 25, 2017