What You Need to Know About GFCI Outlets and Your Home

GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) are designed to turn off electric power when there is a ground fault within as little as 1/40 of a second. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, ground faults occur when electricity essentially “escapes” wiring and takes a shortcut of sorts right to the ground. As you may have guessed, when that “shortcut” is a person, the result could be fatal.

So Why are GFCI Outlets so important?Electrician Islip | Electrician Brookhaven | TFC Electric Inc.







They Meet Electrical Code

GFCI outlets are required by the National Electric Code (they are especially important to have when positioned near water, such as in a bathroom or laundry room), but some older homes may not have them installed. If your home is currently without, you’ll want to get them installed ASAP.

They Can Help Prevent Shock

Since GFCIs are there to turn off the power when a ground fault occurs, they can help prevent us from getting shocked and potentially even electrocuted. That’s because GFCIs notice the change in electrical flow rather quickly, which allows them to shut things down in enough time before serious harm could occur.

They Can Help Prevent House Fires

Most of us know that house fires can start as a result of electrical problems, and ground faults are one of those problems. However, since GFCI outlets will detect a ground fault, they can help reduce the chances of a fire breaking out if something should go wrong.

They Can Help Protect Your Appliances

As time goes on and insulation breaks down, there is a chance that electric current will start to leak into some of your home’s appliances or even other electronic items nearby – unfortunately, this leak can damage those¬†appliances and electronics. The good news, though, is that GFCIs can detect when a leak like this is present, and when it is, they will shut down the circuit.

Now, have we got you convinced that you need GFCI outlets in your home? If you aren’t sure if your home is already equipped with GFCI outlets or if you know that you need to have them installed, contact the electricians here at TFC Electric Inc. at (631) 589-2800!

February 25, 2018