Everything You Need to Know About Power Surges


So you may have heard or even used the term power surge before, but do you really know what it could mean?

Ultimately, power surges can simply be thought of as a spike in your home’s electrical current. A power surge is often a quick blast of power and is over before you know it but the damage they do can last far longer than there initial hit.

Causes of Power Surges

Power surges happen in and outside your home and could be the cause of some of the following:

  • Lightning
  • Household appliances such as your refrigerator, A/C, and computer
  • Faulty wiring
  • Power outages
  • Problems with utility equipment
  • What Can A Power Surge Do?

The effects of power surges can range from not so serious to super serious. For example, an internal power surge may just cause your appliances to work a little slower, but an external power surge can damage electronic appliances and devices beyond repair in an instant. This is why, for instance, you should always unplug devices such as your computer during a lightning storm.

How You Should Prepare

A good line of defense against power surges is to have a surge protector – these can help keep devices such as your computer safe, and are also a good idea to consider for other major electronic appliances. All surge protectors are different though, so you’ll need to really consider what you’ll be using it for and how much protection you need before buying one.


Here at TFC Electric Inc., we know everything there is to know about power surges, and we want to help you feel confident that your Suffolk County home is protected. For information about the electrical services we can provide, please call (631) 589-2800 or continue to look around our website.

March 8, 2018