Why Home Extension Cords Are Harming Your Electric

Not all extension cords are created equal. Though those sturdy cords may seem like a great way to get extra power, they may be harming your electric and causing you and your family danger. If you have extension cords in your home and can’t remember when they were officially plugged in, here is why you should be reading the below:

They’re A Fire Hazard

Hiding extension cords under rugs is a significant risk to your safety and your home. Though it may not cause any immediate danger, over time it could become a fire hazard. Being behind or under something can cause constant wear and tear on the cords causing them to break down and overheat.  There are other solutions to your lack of electrical availability, but using an extension cord in your home shouldn’t be one of them.

Not Meant For Long-Term Use

Significant appliances or one of the biggest extension cord nos. Appliances draw a lot of electricity and plugging them into anything but a wall socket could be dangerous. Extension cords are not meant to be plugged in for long periods of time, and when you attach them to energy-sucking appliances you could be putting yourself, in a real electrical pickle.

Consider Adding Sockets

If you’re using extension cords in your home, it’s most likely because you don’t have that many electrical outlets.  Believe it or not, a quick call to the electrician to help fix this problem and could be more affordable than you think. By adding more outlets, you can get the power that you need in multiple locations without the fire hazard and risk.

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April 19, 2018