Why You Need to Invest In a Dimmer Switch

Your home lighting can be more important than you realize, and to make it perfect, you need to think about functionality.

How often do you wish your lights could be a bit less bright or harsh?

Are there days where you just want a warm setting to relax in?

With a dimmer switch, you can have this and more.

So if you are still living your life with a simple on and off light switch in every room, here’s why you should switch to dimmers today!

turn down the lights

Save Energy

Dimmer switches are a smart option that helps your home use less lighting than needed. With a regular light switch, you have no control over the amount of light you put out and are using the most energy you can use everytime you turn and leave a light on.

When you install a dimmer, you can gradually adjust up the lighting until it’s acceptable to your liking. Because of this, you are using less electricity and saving on your bill down the road.

Extend Your Light Bulbs Life

So how many people does it take to change a light bulb? With a dimmer switch, you’ll barely need to know.

Because you have the opportunity to adjust the brightness, you’re not always using your light bulbs to their full capacity. The less need for full bright light puts less stress on your light bulbs leading to fewer burnouts, fewer bulb changes, and a longer lifespan.

Improve Your Light Settings

Let’s face it, a good party and proper room setting are all based on lighting, and without a dimmer, it’s tough to achieve. A dimmer switch allows you to add dim light to your home.

In certain situations the lighting change is vital. Some days you might want to watch tv or eat dinner in a darker, romantic setting, while some mornings you might prefer bright light to cook meals. When you install a dimmer switch the lighting settings are easily controllable, making for easy accessibility.

Feel like it’s time to update to a dimmer switch? Contact the electricians here at TFC Electric Inc. at (631) 589-2800!

March 16, 2018