5 Ways to Not Run Out of Power This Holiday

Your tablet needs to charge, the kids’ phones need to be charged, the decorations are plugged in and in just a few days your in-laws (and all their devices) will be staying with you for the holidays. Today, the average household has 24 electronics, but still the same amount of outlets as years ago. If you’re finding yourself with too many devices and not enough outlets, here are a few simple ways to cut down on the congestion this holiday and prevent a holiday power outage:

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Think Cordless

Electronics that are not used daily, like vacuums or electric razors, can usually be swapped out for their cordless counterparts. The next time you need a new coffee machine or speaker, look for ones that run on batteries, or that only need to be charged once in a while. You’ll free up a few extra outlets and be able to store your devices anywhere you want.

Have an effective setup

With curling irons, hair dryers, and electric toothbrushes, it’s no surprise that the bathroom is one of the most in-demand rooms for outlets. But before you all pile into the bathroom, think “can this be done somewhere else?” The answer is usually yes. Try doing your hair in your room or keeping some items in a spare or guest bathroom.

Stay off Your Phones

Everyone in the living room wants to charge their phone while still using it, but you only have a few outlets, now what? Encourage people to leave their phone to charge in another room of the house. Not only will this get everyone off their phones, but by staying off your phone while it charges, it will actually make your battery last longer when you do need it.

Use a Power Strip

Need just a few more outlets in one area of the house? Try using a power strip. A power strip plugs into an existing outlet and leaves you with a line of usable outlets, perfect for behind TV units and stereo systems – but be careful not to start plugging power strips into every outlet. Make sure your house can handle all the extra usage and only use power strips with a surge protector.

Get an Extension Cord

 If the problem is that your outlets are just too far away, try getting an extension cord. But before you visualize yourself living within tangled black and orange wires everywhere, think again. With beaded, woodgrain and rope braided extension cords on the market today, you can turn a once eyesore into a unique decoration.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and you still need more outlets, let the TFC Electric Inc. team help with everything from electrical service upgrades and electrical wiring to installing new wall outlets and more! For our readers in Suffolk County, New York, know that you can always count on us to assist with your electrical needs.

December 20, 2017