How to Prevent a Holiday Fire

The holiday spirit is definitely in the air and as the weather chills up and you begin decorating your home, don’t forget that the stockings aren’t the only things that should be hung with care. So as you start taking out your holiday lights, and putting up the Christmas tree, you’ll want to take every measure you can to prevent an electrical home fire.

Christmas Tree Fire

Oh Christmas Trees

When it comes to decorating the tree, you can never be too careful. Though it might not be the most common cause of electrical fires, they still tend to be more dangerous. Some of the leading causes of a Christmas tree fire are due to something very preventable such as a dried out tree or heat source that was left to close to the Christmas tree. Make sure any heat source is a reasonable distance away from your tree, and when the tree needles start to crunch  — they’ll need to be removed. Watering your tree is a must too, so if you’re planning on purchasing a real tree, be sure you don’t keep it lit past its prime.

Hang The Decorations With Care

Though a ton of lights might be beautiful and bright lighting up the night, they can also be done right! The wrong extension cords, an overloaded circuit, or the wrong set of lights can be a fright. So before you begin to string your lights for all to see, you’ll want to take a detailed look. Any extension cords should be for outdoor use, check that your lights are ok for outdoor use and don’t use any lights that have frayed wires or missing bulbs. These little checks can save your family from a real nightmare before Christmas.

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December 13, 2017