Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

​We are in the thick of hurricane season. While Long Island doesn’t get hit with hurricanes too often, we do feel the brunt of the storms that follow suit. Homeowners across the island know how frustrating it is when the power goes out after a storm sweeps through. You can prepare yourself for hurricane season with a generator from TFC Electric!
At TFC Electric, we carry two different types of generators–portable and stationery. Some homeowners are not sure which option is best suited for their lifestyle. There’s no need to fret. With years of experience, we can help your family with the perfect backup system.
One of the best ways to prepare for hurricane season is to have the right equipment on hand. In this case, generators can help you and your family weather the storm. While your neighbors are still fumbling in the dark, you will have enough power to run household appliances. People tend to take electricity for granted and only realize this during a power outage. After all, electricity is a necessity in today’s modern lifestyle. With a generator from TFC Electric, you’ll never be left in the dark!
photo credit: Kathleen Seide via photopin cc
September 11, 2014