Common Electrical Problems

An unexpected electrical problem could be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Just know that you are not alone. Many homeowners experience electrical problems at one time or another. Below are the most common electrical problems.

Intermittent Power
When your home’s electrical system experiences intermittent power, it is due a wiring problem. Loose, frayed or damaged wires are responsible for intermittent power.

Power Surges
When a utility company pumps power into your house, a power surge could occur. In return, your electrical devices will immediately shut off. To prevent this, plug your electronics into a power bar.

Redundant Wiring
Redundant wiring occurs when a former homeowner installed their own electrical wiring. Typically, not all the wires are functional. A licensed electrician can correct this issue.

Overloaded Circuits
Have you ever plugged too many electrical devices into one power strip? If so, it can lead to a blown fuse. To prevent this, make sure that heavy duty appliances have their own power source.

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June 17, 2015