Energy Saving 101: Your Air Conditioner

Hand of woman includes air-conditioner

The weather is finally starting to warm up which means summer is right around the corner! But with hotter temperatures often comes higher electricity bills. Though cranking the AC might seem like the best option, following these tips below can not only keep your home comfortable but keep your electricity bill low as well:

Know How to Use the Fan

An excellent way to cool off your house is to utilize your AC fan on high speed, but when it comes to those extremely humid days, turn it down. The lower speed will remove more moisture in the air keeping the home at a desirable dry temperature.

Raise the Temperature at Night

A great energy saving tip is to bump up the temperature about 4 degrees when you’re away or asleep. Any more than that could cost you when it’s time to cool the house back down again.

Keep up With Maintenance

Regular cleaning and replacing of your air conditioning filters will help it run in tip top shape. You should also be scheduling annual maintenance, as it can predict any future issues and will allow your cooling system to be more efficient.

Reduce Light

Overly lit rooms can increase heat which will have your air conditioning system working overtime.  Make notice of where the sun is hitting your home and close the blinds whenever possible. You should also be sure that your unit is never in direct sunlight as it can cause overheating.

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May 22, 2017