The Common Causes of Flickering Lights

Have you experienced flickering lights in your home? If so, you know how irritating it can be. However, flickering lights are not just an annoyance. They could be connected to a larger problem with your electrical system. Below are the common causes of a flickering light bulb. 
A Loose Light Bulb
It turns out that it does matter how tightly you screw in a light bulb! If you do not screw it in tight enough, it will be too loose. A loose bulb could be the cause of your flickering lights.
An Old Light Switch
Overtime, the switch of your light fixture can get worn out. To find out if this is the cause of your flickering lights, simply jiggle the switch. If the lights start to flicker, you have your answer. 
Voltage Problems
Have you ever turned on a heavy duty appliance and noticed that the lights flicker for long periods of time? If so, there is a problem at large with your electrical system. In most cases, it is a voltage problem. Nonetheless, a licensed electrician should be the one to make that diagnosis. 
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March 4, 2016