Top Questions to Ask Your Electrician


When it comes time to hire an electrician, you should only pick the absolute best! With so much competition out there, you’ll have to know the right questions to ask to make sure the work is done efficiently, safely, and up to code. So if it’s time to pick a trusted electrician, here are the questions you’ll want to be answered:

Are You Licensed?

Electrical work is not something you should take lightly. You want someone who has been well trained and will do the job safely and accurately. A licensed electrician will not only work to state, national, and local codes but they will also come insured, protecting you from having to pay for any damage or injury that may occur. Since a licensed electrician is responsible for the work they do, getting it done right the first time is their top priority.

Will I Need a Permit?

Before they work begins, you’ll need to make sure you have any permits you may require.  A local licensed electrician will know what permits are necessary and will even be able to assist you in obtaining them. Complying with your local rules will save you a headache and a large fine down the road.

When Will The Work Start?

The amount of work that is needed and for how long is something you’ll want to ask right away. Having someone working on your house should usually not disrupt your daily life, and a well-established electrician will do everything in their power to work that way. Besides, to know if you are getting a fair price, you’ll have to know the scope of work being done.  If you are still unsure, ask for references and look up online reviews. 

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August 3, 2017