Why are My Outlets Sparking?

Have you ever gone to plug something in and, the second the plug touches the outlet, you see sparks go flying? Maybe this happens even when you pull the plug out for the outlet? This usually prompts many people to simply switch what outlet they’re using, but that doesn’t make the reason the original outlet is sparking.

Since this can signal potential fire hazards, you should find out exactly why your outlets are sparking.

Normal Electricity Flow

Most homes have electricity that runs along circuits from a main power grid. When you plug something in, electricity rushes to that outlet and can create a spark due to the current speed and heat. This is normal, so you shouldn’t worry if it only happens on occasion.

However, if the outlet sparks every time you plug something into it, you probably have a more serious issue on your hands.

Old Circuits

If it’s been a while since you updated your home’s electric work, your outlets could be too worn down and old to handle the electricity needed to power a device or appliance, causing it to spark when you try to plug something into it.


If your outlets are exposed to water or high moisture in the air, the circuit will spark. If you have ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, they will cut the power going to that outlet so a fire doesn’t start.

Short Circuits

Insulation covers the wires in your electrical work, and if too much heat builds up in an outlet, that insulation can get melted. If this occurs, any electrical connection on the exposed wire can cause a big spark and risk a fire. This issue should be looked at by a professional electrician to prevent any dangerous situation.

Poor Repair Work

If you try to perform electrical work yourself (which you should never do) or you have some shoddy work done by someone who isn’t that well-trained, you could end up with more electrical problems than you had to begin with.

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September 6, 2018